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David and Nancy Giffey Art Opening

River Arts on Water Gallery (590 Water Street, Prairie du Sac) is excited to introduce David and Nancy Giffey as its newest artists. Meet them on Friday, November 14th from 5pm-7pm (presentations by artists begin at 5:30pm) at the downtown gallery. Nancy Giffey’s current work features colorful, whimsical, acrylic paintings in beautiful landscape settings. “Being a woman is often a complicated balancing act, ...

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Ann Campoll Artist Feature: Oct 9-Dec 1

Through the Looking Glass October 9-December 1 River Arts on Water Gallery (590 Water St) Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm "Art serves many functions in our lives, and both art and beauty can be defined in many ways.  I fell in love with beads in kindergarten, when we were given the choice of stringing colorful wooden beads on shoe laces, and have been addicted to them ever since. I also have gotten much  joy and ...

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Art Opening and Art21 Screening: October 18 5pm-7pm

Saturday, October 18 River Arts on Water Gallery (590 Water St, Prairie du Sac) 5pm-6pm Art Opening featuring Ann Campoll 6pm-7pm Art21 Episode Screening: See below for more information Come enjoy River Arts on Water Gallery's new look as all of its artists bring in new and exciting pieces.  Enjoy refreshments and meet many of the artists, including this month's featured artist, Ann Campoll. This event is f ...

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Corey Hart House Concert: November 21 7pm

Corey Hart Friday, November 21 7pm River Arts on Water Gallery (590 Water St) From the time Corey Hart started singing at a young age, his voice has amazed audiences. “The human voice is such wonderfully complex instrument. So often, words can fail to portray the whole meaning or idea you are trying to get across, but in song you can convey more emotion and add more depth and dimension to the written word,” ...

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Become A Member!

As a non-profit organization, we heavily rely on the support of the community to fulfill our mission "to inspire, enrich, and educate the community through the arts."  As you can see from this site, we have very ambitious programming and events scheduled so that all of Sauk Prairie and beyond can truly benefit. Make your contribution today. It is greatly appreciated! Or mail a check made payable to River Ar ...

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Our Artists

Victor Bakhtin: oils Duane Brissette:: mixed media Ann Campoll: fine beaded jewelry Homer Daehn: woodcarvings Kim Darling: Hawaiian chocolates Mary Dickey: mixed media Kurt Eakle: landscape and panoramic photography Carroll Erlandson: oil on canvas or panel Patti Fowler: fused glass jewelry Briony Jean Foy: fiber arts and ceramics Sally Guger: ceramics John Guger: mixed media Betty Gruber: quilting Steve Ha ...

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Willie’s Market, LLC: biscotti

About Baker's Rack Biscotti Baker's Rack Biscotti is hand made in small batches with quality ingredients. Each batch is rolled and cut by hand and 'twice-baked' the traditional way. Ingredients like; rich cocoa, fresh eggs, real butter, quality chocolate, nuts and liqeurs make this biscotti stand apart from the rest. They can be eaten alone or dunked and are large enough to share (if you choose). Each piece ...

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John Joseph Coffee

Made in Prairie du Sac, WI Current Offerings: Sumatran bean roasted Medium Spanish Roast: colombian bean roasted very dark Black and Tan: colombian blend, very dark mixed with very light Bold Eagle: Sumatra/Colombia blend Decaffinated Peruvian bean ...

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Darling Chocolatier

Kim Darling received her B.S. in food chemistry at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and is a certified chocolatier. She founded Darling Chocolatier,LLC with the passion of creating delicious high quality and beautiful artisanal chocolates. Her chocolates are made from the finest cacao pods grown in Hawaii and the best Wisconsin cream and butter. These chocolates are truly American made. The first thing ...

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