Thank You to Our 23-24 Members!

Benefactor: $1,000+

Craig and Christie Bender
Lea Culver
Walter and Mary Dickey
Amber and Dan Kelter Family
Carol May
Joyce Sinkule
Art and Barb Stewart
Jeff and Marty Virchow
Don and Pat Yanke

Investor: $500-$999

Pauline Ballweg
Jeff Boll
Tracy Niesen Breunig
Nan Bubier and Dick Hoffman
Jane Cordero
Tony and Marian DeGiovanni
Kay Hutchison
Dr. Dusty and Mary Jane Koch
Steve Koehler and Sandra Fuchs
Michael Parrish and Anna Reinhart
Ellen Paul
Sandra Sandridge
James Slattery
Bob Weiss

Patron: $250-$499

Randall Ballweg and Regina McGreevy
Alan and Sarah Boehmer
Shari Diehl
Howard and Karen Diehl
K. Kelter and J. Roth
Richard and Joyce Kessenich
Laura and Hunger Lang
Dick and Gini Luther
Andrea and Greg Mauch
Tom and Kitty Midthun
Milt and Mary Risgaard
Rick Ross
Glenn Schuster
Lisa Schwarz and Family
Patricia Senter
Cameron and Jennifer Smith
Whin Whinfrey

Family: $125-$249

Shirley Albers
Steve and Tonia Baney
Steve and Patty Barritt
John and Mary Brennan
Ken and Mary Breunig
Nora Carroll
Jayne Carlson
Gordon and Emily Carncross
Dan and Kris Cunningham
Chris and Sue Dietzen
Bud and Holly Domagata
Bob and Josie Fentress
Nickie and Jay Fisher
Mary France
Judy and Vince Formosa
Richard and Kris Frey
Bob Garrison
Krista and Matt Geier
Ron and Jean Giese
Kelly Gilligan and Jim Meronek
Chris and Roxann Grinde
Cathy and Bill Hambrecht
Lee and Barbara Henn
Lindsey Heynsten
Roger and Marcia Howard
Paul and Mary Jesberger
Jim and Corrine Jonas
Denny and Chris Kahn
Jerry and Nancy Kaufman
David Kaul and Lois Hanson Kaul
John Keefe and Sandra Hayes
Bob and Marita Kelter
David and Mary Jean Kennedy
Donna Knickmeyer
Crystal Lautenbach
Meghan and Nathan Leaf
Bob and Cindy Leggett
Debra Lins
MaryAnne Lochner
Dwight and Laurie Luetscher
Raphael and Robin Miller
Rick and Rhonda Nass
Bob and Sue Niemi
Patrick and Sue O’Neil
Dan and Cynthia Odden
Frank J. and Laura Olah
Christine Parchem
Ronald J. and Lois Polacek
Joy Pulsfus
David Roberts
Thomas and Cheryl Schneller
Barclay Shultz and Lori Amsterdam
Tom Sullivan and Catherine Bonnard
Stan and Lynette Theis
Willy Walter and Ann Campoll
Richard Washburn
Brian and Mary Weeks
Everett and Carol Weisensel
Georgia and Hartmut Weithe
Deborah Westphal
Mary and Phil Rous

Friend: $50-$124

Cheryl Adams
Nancy Appleyard
Lily Baetz
Mary Ellen Beich
Pam and John Buss
Susan Carey
Janice Jones and Larry Collins
Louy and Ted Danube
Elizabeth Deischer
Katherine Ford
Ilene Helmenstine
Marte Hepburn
Darlene Holl
Marv and Janelle Hupp
Betty and Doug Kalscheur
Melissa Kahn
Linda Koenig
Dyan Kopitzke
Deb Kraemer
John and Cynthia Liddell
Gene and Sue Lloyd
Julie Loehrl
Charlie Luthin
Roxi Maier
Nichelle and Paul Martin
Robin McCarthy
Terrence and Barbara McCormick
Don and Roxanne Meise
Gary and Nova Mijal
Wayne and Silvia Miller
Rick and Rhonda Nass
Jane C. Nass
Ginny Nimmow
John and Jacquie Penshorn
Dennis Alfred Phillips
Diane Pellowe
Lois Pieper
Sheila Read
Jan Richardson
Mary Ringelstetter
Pete and Terry Schlicht
Kathryn Sherwood
Diane and David Smidt
Diane and Terry Sullivan
Elizabeth A. Teeter
Tom and Mary Jo Tierney
Lynn and Marilyn VandeBerg
Jane Varda
Jared and Kari Walker Smith
Robin Whyte
Ron and Margo Zeman
Stephanie Beckman
Peter and Terry Schlicht
Marlys C. Greenhalgh

Memberships run from July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024

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