AnnMarie LeBlanc
Pittsburgh, PA
“Arrested Flight” Mixed Media with Digital by AnnMarie LeBlanc 32.5″x30″ $2,400

Artist’s Statement

Botanical life has been an intimate part of humanity’s lore, medicine, and spirituality and is a consistent focus in AnnMarie LeBlanc’s works. The images exhibited in Wings and Water portray botanical forms and other organic life in allegorical settings. The beginning of each work literally germinated in the artist’s garden and visually evolved through the layering of colors, textures, words and drawing. Submariner Epic Dance and Arrested Flight are two images within a suite titled Meeting at Water’s Edge. Each image was inspired by a catastrophic natural event superimposed over the Greek tale of the goddess Persephone.

AnnMarie LeBlanc is a Professor and Dean at Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA. A practicing artist for over 30 years, her images focus on ethnobotanical studies of her home region of the Louisiana Delta, the relationship of environment to folklore, and cross-cultural mythology. Her work has been included in over 50 national and international adjudicated exhibitions, a dozen solo or two-person exhibitions and is in over 300 private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad.

Arrested Flight is inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone, the maiden goddess and later the goddess of the underworld. Persephone, as “Kore” in the image, is given wings to provide her with potential. Although the story includes abduction and the spiriting away of an innocent, the tale concludes with Persephone as a stronger form to inhabit in part the upper world and reign over the underworld.

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