Cathy Fields
Seattle, WA
“Starling Flash Mob” Acrylic on Wood Panel by Cathy Fields 24″x30″ $900

Artist Statement:

I am a Seattle based painter, and a lifelong Pacific Northwest resident. I use my art making as a means of exploring the world around me, digging for the stories that are a part of everything. I learn new things, and enjoy the tales weather they are true or not. Pushing paint around on a canvas is my method of visual journaling, and a way to deepen my thoughts with pigments and polymer emulsion. The process lends me a more profound appreciation of the beauty around me, both natural and man made, the light, shadow, line, and colors of our environment. It magnifies my experience of life in surprising ways, and motivates me to the next painting.

My work is a mix between real and imagined, linking echoes from the past with the blur of contemporary times. I mostly follow my impulses from theme to theme, returning to a few favored ones regularly, including humor, fantasy, slice of life and environmental topics.

I’ve worked with various mediums, and enjoyed the opportunity to share my art throughout the US and abroad.

About Starling Flash Mob

I’ve seen starling murmurations in open fields, and I’m always in awe of their amazing synchronicity. It makes me wonder about the mysterious force that connects them, and what it would be like to be so connected to other individuals that we could perform an equally precise and impromptu dance. Some scientists say the birds are motivated to form large flocks and move in swift, interwoven patterns when there is a raptor nearby on the hunt. They can expect some safety in numbers and the raptor would be deterred by the risk of injury if he entered into their path. This may be true, but it looks like pure joy to me. It certainly gives me joy to witness them in action.

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