Corinne McAuley
Surprise, AZ
“Black Swan” Glass Beads by Corinne McAuley 32″x17.5″ $3,500

Artist Statement:

Working with beads came to me later in life. I have always felt artistic but had difficulty finding a creative path that would take me into the future. Beads found me in 2001, with one visit to a local bead store. I find something very appealing when I touch beads. The feel of the shapes, sizes and textures of beads as well as colors draw me in every time. Working with beads over the years has given me confidence to apply beads in unique and interesting ways creating art without any boundaries.

Some of the pieces I have created are initiated with an idea only. No sketching, doodling etc. I hold that idea until I sit and start working on the piece. Other pieces of art start with a photograph that gets converted into a pattern to create a unique one of a kind beaded tapestry. The color(s), type of beads and construction are all thoughts that I work with putting a unique and piece of art together. My direction may change as I am implementing the piece, but rarely goes far from the initial thought.

The intent for my art is to be unique, one of a kind, interesting, mind provoking and fun.
My work has expanded from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional works. I feel that the diversity of my creativity expands the possibilities of beads to be used in unlimited ways.

The last several years have been spent exhibiting my work through out the United States and most prominently in Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana.

About Black Swan:

When I first considered this piece, I thought I would use the whole swan as the subject. As I started creating this piece, I did not like the way the piece was coming out so I took a scissors and cut through the thread, putting all the beads in piles and started over. I felt that the magnificence and power of the swan’s head seemed to convey the direction this piece should go. My beaded tapestries are stitched together with a needle and thread one bead at a time. The direction is left to right then right to left, allowing the thread to go through each bead twice holding the beads together. Creating what I would call bead fabric.

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