Dave Jacobson
South Portland, ME
“Littoral I” Wood, Paint and Copper Leaf by Dave Jacobson 16″x12″ $900

Artist Statement:

Water can appear noble, or display an almost despotic power, but we usually forget about it. That is, until we view a tragic flash flood on the news or until we stand silent and memorized, watching large waves pound the shore.

My work is about waters I experience in person. I aim to make concrete visual souvenirs of these local, or very distant, encounters with water. The water imagery I record with photos, drawings or memory attempt to define water on it’s own terms. Where it can or cannot go, at specific place and fleeting moment.

My working process is lyrical and simple. One water image painted on a panel will lead two or three more joining it. The wood panel provides the only rigidity for the imagery of these transient experiences. I do not paint a narrative for the viewer. But rather, I want to offer the viewer a chance to remember their own encounters with water through paint, gilding, and wood.

About Littoral I:

The starkness of an early season Baltic Sea creek was the seed of this painting.
This was the first of an ongoing series of small scale panels I’ve been making.
Being done more quickly, Rapid visual decisions and the scale make these a
welcome relief from my larger paintings.

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