David Bartlett
Farmington Hills, MI
“Vultures In Snow” Digital Photograph/Inkjet Print by David Bartlett 20″x28″ $650

Artist Statement:

I hope that my images will be the occasion of several responses. The first is pleasure, both the pleasure inherent in the visual sensation of value and texture and the pleasure of the play afforded by all picture-making. The second is surprise at not just the subject of the photographs but at the photographer’s noticing of shape, line, and light. Relief is a third response, a sense of felt order, the feeling that everything in the image is just as it should be. And finally, transcendence – the experience of moving beyond the particular to something more. It is at this point that we encounter the amazing potential of the photograph which is, unlike all other pictures, not just a particular image but a recorded image of a particular. Its capacity to make a leap beyond the particular is what fascinates me about the medium of photography. Pleasure, surprise, relief, transcendence – together these are at least part of the experience of what has traditionally been called the beautiful.

About Vultures in Snow:

Their eyes pinning or flashing – keenly alert to their environment, one another, and themselves – birds, even when resting with heads cocked or militarily erect, are taut with life, at the ready to feed or take flight. They can nevertheless in form and demeanor exhibit calm and poise. With such attributes, they have long lent themselves to artistic representation. I have sought to add to this tradition with images such as this that hopefully depict birds exhibiting vitality, dignity, and grace.

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