Don Luce
Minneapolis, MN
“Rapids Whitewater River” Oil on Canvas by Don Luce 20″x30″ $1,200

Artist Statement:

For nearly forty years I have integrated art and science in the design and development of exhibitions for the Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota. As Curator of Exhibitions I have developed original exhibitions on topics such as art and nature, ecology, evolution, animal behavior, endangered species, and current science research. Trained in Zoology and Scientific Illustration I have also produced hundreds of illustrations used in the exhibitions, scientific papers, promotional materials, books and other publications.

In my personal artistic work, I use painting and drawing to explore the natural world particularly water in northern environments. In my exhibitions and illustrations, I strive to stimulate people’s curiosity of nature, deepen their understanding of how nature works, and inspire a commitment to the protection of the natural world. In my paintings, I try to explore the ecological processes that underlie the landscape, and hopefully capture a sense of the energy and excitement I feel while investigating nature.

About Rapids Whitewater River:

There are few things I like better than painting the patterns of flowing water. But finding the right light conditions that allow you to see into the water as well as seeing reflections is difficult. My general practice is to select a small detail, and carefully observe the fluid patterns that capture the energy of moving water.

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