Donna Deaver
Coeur d’Alene, ID
“Jesters’ Pond” Textiles by Donna Deaver 34″x25.5″ $1,800
2018 2nd Place Award Winner

Artist Statement:

I am intrigued by color, value, line and pattern found in the world around me, both organic and man-made. Working in series allows me to explore more deeply each subject, both literally and figuratively. I love recording what I see with my camera, as well as with pen, ink and watercolor. I carry a sketchbook with me almost always as I find it is the perfect way to record often-forgotten details, as well as find the extraordinary in the mundane.

I use fabric for my art because it helps me to tell my story. It is more tactile than paint, but can be used similarly. Dense stitching becomes part of the design and adds an element of texture. Fabric and textiles have a rich history and an emotional connection for many. Often, when viewers get close enough to see detail, they are surprised that my work is not painted, which opens the door for a unique experience with the artwork. It also often begins a dialogue about the art, the techniques and the viewer’s own
experience with cloth.

About Jesters’ Pond:

Jesters’ Pond was inspired by visits to a friend’s back yard garden pond. To stand at the edge, hearing the water trickle and the birds sing, brings about an indescribable peace. The reflection of the sky, interrupted on the surface only by the gentle breeze on the water and the occasional appearance of koi, transports me from this busy neighborhood to a place deep within.

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