Heather Ward
Los Alamos, NM
“Flirtatious” Scratchboard by Heather Ward 12″x9″ [SOLD]
2018 Honorable Mention Award

Artist Statement:

As far back as I can remember, I was always drawing animals. I was never in-terested in drawing houses, or flowers, or people. By middle school, I taught myself equine anatomy and drew lots of horses.

When I found myself with the time and desire to start drawing again after col-lege and a few years working, I started with the familiar graphite and charcoal. Soon, I came across scratchboard. The high-contrast nature of scratchboard seems to bring drawings to life, and animals in particular are well-suited to scratchboard because of the techniques used to remove the black ink from the white clay underlayer. It is no wonder, then, that I love this medium.

In addition to helping local wildlife hospitals and international conservation ef-forts, I am starting to create art that creates awareness of poaching, global climate change, and other human-related causes of species extinction.

About Flirtatious:

I am attracted to the stranger creatures. Sure, I love the fluffy snow leopard and the majestic golden eagle, but what about the lesser-known and lesser-loved animals? This royal spoonbill in breeding plumage is mostly bald and sports a long, awkward bill. Yet, it is fascinating. The bill is very sensitive, so it can more easily catch small creatures as it slowly swings its bill through shal-low water. Breeding plumage includes the long feathers on the back of the head and yellow eyelids.

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