Jade Olson
New York, NY
“Blueberry Hill Waves” Oil on Linen by Jade Olson 16″x20″ $1,250

Artist Statement:

I am a landscape painter and have created colorful landscape sketches since early childhood. My father was a pilot, and some of my earliest memories are of being with him in a small plane flying through clouds and over fascinating green abstractions below. His joyful engagement with the sky, clouds, and land was contagious. But I cannot forget my mother’s aimless melancholy drives through rural back roads after my father’s death, and the landscape view from the rear window of my family car.

This attraction to and detachment from the landscape is what informs my paintings.

About Blueberry Hill Waves:

The plein aire painting, Blueberry Hill Waves, represents the joy of summer, the ever-changing patterns of rock, sky, waves. It captures a fun-filled warm summer day in Maine, while it points to an approaching storm, the end of summer, and the inevitability of change.

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