Janet Flynn
Reedsburg, WI
“Copper Creek” Watercolor and Gouache on Ampersand Aquabord by Janet Flynn 22″x30″ [SOLD]

Artist Statement:

To paint allows me to express visually what my world means to me. The complexity of nature and constant striving to understand how it all works together inspires my art. Living along the Baraboo River in Sauk County, Wisconsin and applying land ethic principles to the land brings together a harmony with and hands-on appreciation for the wild. I work both plein air and in studio and endeavor to capture life around me; the plants, animals, light, skies, changing of seasons, the wonder and beauty of it all.

About Copper Creek:

A moment in time is captured in this painting titled “Copper Creek” by Sauk County artist Janet Flynn. A Great Blue Heron has just taken flight from the creek where it was feeding on small fish. Copper creek, which is close to the artist’s home, slowly works its way to the Baraboo River with areas of wetlands along its route creating habit for the many wild inhabitants of the area. In a sea of agricultural land here they find places of refuge, forage for food and raise their young.

Watercolor and gouache were used on a cradled Ampersand Aquabord to bring this image to life and a protective varnish applied to the surface. Minimal framing provides a more intimate view, inviting you to feel a part of the experience.

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