John Miller
Madison, WI
“Megaceryle Alcyon” Paper, Glue, Mixed Media by John Miller 14.5″X8.5″x9″ $300


Artist Statement:

Oscar Wilde said: “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”. This idea has guided me long before I ever read this quote. My inclination has been to look at things as though they remain unknown, may remain unknowable, but can be known with greater depth than is currently the case. I try to look at the world with fresh eyes, the way I looked at the world as a child. Now I bring an educated adult mind to this process as well as a richer level of self awareness. I believe that through making art I can better understand the world and my place in it and hope to inspire a more nuanced perspective in a viewer. When I try to make something that pays tribute to what I think I’m seeing, I’m very much aware of how much I don’t know. In addition, while making my art, I try to observe myself and my work with those same fresh eyes hoping to learn from my own awkward gestures, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. My analytic and creative processes drive me from piece to piece. I want to understand more.

About Megaceryle Alcyon:

Megaceryle alcyon is one of a series of paper bird sculptures. I learn a great deal by making things and I try to make things using materials that pay tribute to my subjects. Birds are light, fragile, and vulnerable and paper as a sculptural material echoes the nature of bird.

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