Judi Altman
Ocean Springs, MS
“Nevermore” Digital Photography by Judi Altman 12″x18″ $325

Artist Statement:

At a time when communication is so instantaneous, the ability to communicate visually for me, is more deliberative and deeper. While the capture is subject to each viewer’s interpretations, it is that quality of adaptability, which continues to draw me forward into more emotional vulnerability in my work than ever before. Allowing the image, alone, to communicate, and take you to that moment, that cold, that warmth, that disgust, dream, fear or love-it is all right there. The viewer gives the piece new life with each interpretation, and it is that evolution that currently inspires my direction.

About Nevermore:

Since I was a child, I have loved Edgar Allen Poe. His mysterious stories, surprise endings, and macabre themes have led me to search, and to capture images depicting the stories. Of course I have always wished for an appropriate Raven. A malevolent Raven, who seems to know you or what you are up to. He found me during a quiet moment in Dallas. I was waiting for my family,watching him sneak up to, and steal, food from around the outdoor seating area. Whipping my camera out, I waited…barely breathing…for him to make his way to the table that my family had just boisterously left. My son’s lunch detritus held some large crumbs that I knew the bird would want and could see. I remained completely frozen, and thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind the sound of the shutter clicking away in the least. In total, I captured five shots of him, with only this one clearly showing him watching me, judging me. A once in a lifetime experience. It was over in a blink, but having my own image traded for the images I have carried around in my mind since my childhood, has been infinitely rewarding.

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