Karena Ness
Lempster, NH
“Reverie” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas by Karena Ness 38″x40″ SOLD

Artist Statement:

Karena Ness grew up in a rural environment surrounded by the wide open sky and fields of eastern North Dakota. She moved south to further study and explore her understanding of painting while earning her M.F.A. in Painting through Savannah College of Art and Design.

To create a personal ‘environment’ in regards to her artistic practice, Karena relies upon her imaginary realm of exploration. She explores the reactive qualities of paint as layers are spilled, stamped, troweled, and hand-painted. The subtle effects created by ‘paint being paint’ spark and fascinate as she allows her imagination to travel its own path, composing and directing the final character or identity of the painting. Within her paintings the viewer may observe suggestions of the natural world from cosmic expanses, i.e. nebulas, to topography, and most recently, bird imagery. These birds are not predetermined, as Karena suggests rather they appear to land unintentionally. They entail no formal classification yet offer an identity within the spaces they inhabit. Karena’s artwork excludes the literal. Instead, it is suggestive towards an experience by manipulating the nuances of color, light, suggestion of form and movement. Alluding to flight, silent encounters, ‘little world’ microcosms, and employing undefined birds and silhouettes as her ‘anima’, she attempts to create an experience for the viewer.

Overall, Karena’s paintings are not specific to or representative of any one of these ideas, instead they become a compilation, defined within one’s own imagination.

About Reverie:

These three birds (muses) in a connective state of composition emerge from a suggestive landscape as one takes entry (presence), one rests in stilled contemplation (reverie), and one takes flight (escape).

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