Linda Koenig
Black Earth, WI
“Still Waters #11″ Watercolor by Linda Koenig 30″x22” $2,200

Artist Statement:

Be outside. Embrace solitude. See with fresh eyes. Write. These are the tools of my
studio practice, actions that come before and in conjunction with the application of paint,
habits that inform the work. Alongside my sketchbooks are dictionaries, both old and
new, and an assortment of journals for thoughts, lists, random words that intrigue me.
Often the title of a painting comes first, then the concept, with brushes and paint last.
The core of the work? Beauty, order, harmony.

About Still Waters #11:

The pond lily series was born early one June morning while my husband and I were
gliding silently along in our canoe. The air was motionless, the water like glass, the
pre-dawn mist thick. It was one of those breathless mornings, impossible to separate
the water from the fog. Unforgettable stillness.

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