Luann Smith
Verona, WI
“Movement #1″ Mosaic with Encaustic, Recycled Materials by Luann Smith 6″x14.5” $600

Artist Statement:

As a child I would often collect small bits and pieces… rocks, nails and hardware from Dad’s workshop, bits of glass and anything interesting that could be scavenged. I was trained traditionally as a painter, and worked many years as an illustrator and portrait artist, but now I find myself drawn more to the sculptural quality of mosaic and assemblage work. I love the challenge of combining unrelated objects with parts and pieces to make a whole that is pleasing to the eye, and maybe even tells a story… which allows me an excuse to keep looking for wonderful little pieces of treasure with which to create.

About Movement #1:

I am fascinated with water. A river or stream twists and turns, moves with the land, splashing, bubbling, and flowing over and around rocks and branches. This piece is the first in a series meant to capture that movement and energy, but also the peace and tranquility of sitting on a bank and watching the water splash and dance as it moves along.

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