Mary Dickey
Sauk City, WI
“He Loves Them All” Mixed Media/ Assemblage by Mary Dickey 28″x17″x12″ $3,500

Artist Statement:

My childhood was powerful. It was full of magic, play, dreaming, fear, and wonder.
In my recent work I am seeking to reconnect with that power and those feelings and bring to it what I have observed, experienced and learned as an adult. James Joyce said,
“When a fortunate rhythm has been struck by the artist, you experience a radiance. You are held in aesthetic arrest. That is the epiphany.”

As a visual artist, my aim is to strike a fortunate rhythm between the interior of my life, the things that are cached in my memory and feelings, and my exterior life.

My most recent pieces seem to fit into the description of “bricolage” meaning “something constructed from a diverse range of available things.”

I hope my work will be seen as imaginative recreations of my world, inside and outside. I hope they are full of strange juxtapositions and unplanned resonances. I hope they will be seen as miniature worlds which help me and the viewer work out our relationships with the larger world in which we must spend most of our time.

About He Loves Them All:

“He Loves Them All” was assembled after the Orlando nightclub shooting. The technique is “bricolage” which is a french word meaning “something constructed from a diverse range of available things.”

As with most of my work, both the pieces you see here began with a found object. In the case of “He Loves Them All” it was an old altar found in New Orleans.

I like the idea of giving old things a new beginning and hope they go on to new lives with new people in new places.

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