Nancy Cox
Black Earth, WI
“31 Crows in the Winter Landscape” Cut Paper by Nancy Cox 15.5″x28.5″$1,200
2018 Honorable Mention, People’s Choice Award Winner

Artist Statement:

I live and keep a studio within the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. This special place never ceases to inspire and influence my art.

My painting comes from my emotional and visual response to my surroundings. My typical method is to paint on location.This enables me to have a direct and honest experience as I paint my subject.

I am finding that with countless sketches and paintings behind me- I am venturing forward in working from imagination in watercolor, oil and cut paper collage. This highlights just one of the reasons I am so passionate about art. I am never “done” and I will never “arrive.” Creativity is limitless.

My work is included in art collections both private and corporate- nationally and internationally.

About 31 Crows in the Winter Landscape:

I used some photographic reference material for the birds in creating 31 Crows in the Winter Landscape. Apart from that this triptych was done entirely from imagination. I am inspired by crows-by their intelligence and the graphic presence they bring to the landscape- especially a snowy one.

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