Pat Kroth
Verona, WI
“Silent Rain” Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt by Pat Kroth 56″x22″ $2,200

Artist Statement:

The process of gathering, making, handling materials is an important element of my work. This led to the creation of a series of works, which include tiny fragments, found objects and sheer overlays. Sometimes the surface vibrates with colorful candy wrappers, and found objects.

These abstract art works use color, texture and movement to explore a variety of themes. Working spontaneously, I create entire surfaces of color using fiber, and textural elements. Each work is then energetically machine stitched. I truly feel that I am “painting” with fabric and thread. Often, I think of my work as a depository for the flotsam and jetsam of life. Combining unusual materials, and utilizing both machine and hand techniques, enhances the work. I enjoy the multiplicity and ambiguity of meanings, which invite the viewer to look further than just the riotous surface of things. Music, and or personal experiences often provide the inspiration for my work. Cool jazz on a stormy winter night or perhaps a run or bicycle ride on a hot windy day, family, friends, a good book, a vivid lightening storm- Any of these, all of these can become the catalyst for a new series of explorations.

About Silent Rain:

My contemporary fiber artworks incorporate hand-dyed and commercial fiber fragments, trapped threads, yarns and cords, sheer overlays, and sometimes found objects such as buttons, stamps, and candy wrappers. Intense machine stitching with various threads adds visual tension and focus. In these transparent works, viewed from either side, subtle shadows or colors are cast on adjacent surfaces inviting new interpretations. Often I think of my work as a depository for the flotsam and jetsam of life. I collect and include fibers and objects with interesting texture, color or personal significance. This piece is a reflection of the Japanese tsunami. Vintage kimono fabrics donated from friends were a spontaneous addition.

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