Paul Hitchen
Somerset, MA
“Two By Two” Acrylic on Canvas by Paul Hitchen 36″x30″ $8,000

Artist Statement:

As a commercial artist, designer, and retired advertising executive…I’ve spent the past 40 years honing my skills in the visual arts.

Because I grew up on and in the water and have been a lifelong sailor, my subject is often nautical or water related. Lately though, I have found myself painting different subjects. I am working on a series of paintings from a long road trip through the South and West and it is hard to find a lot of water in Arizona. I am painting kids, baseball and airports and my style is becoming less illustrational and more simplistic with a bolder use of color. Go figure.

Philosophically, I can only hope that my art pleases your eye, stimulates your mind and heart, and shows you our world through my eyes. Please enjoy it!

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