Peggy Kehoe
Honeoye Falls, NY
“Eastern Bluebird in Flight” Ink and Acrylic on Paper by Peggy Kehoe 9″x12″ $300

Artist Statement:

When I work, I imagine that stories from history are being diffused by the noise of our contemporary world. I search for subjects that exemplify enduring truths, memories and feelings. The tangible images in my paintings are layered into intangible calligraphic marks. I’m interested in the contrast between identifiable and unreadable images. In my paintings, I seek to evoke spiritual memories advancing from, and receding into, the fogs of our time.

About Eastern Bluebird in Flight:

One of my favorite pastimes in spring is watching Eastern Bluebirds. In my painting “Eastern Bluebird in Flight” I focused on the fierceness of these little birds. Supremely devoted to their family, the birds in our nesting box were always watchful. I painted the male in flight during one of his undaunted attacks against a persistent House Wren that coveted his family’s shelter. This subject resonates for me as an example of how territoriality is related to legacy in both the animal and human worlds.

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