Ray Koh
Carmel, CA
“California Roll” Ocean Water and Photography by Ray Koh 22″x17″ $1,200

Artist Statement:

Ray Koh is a California based Artist who conceptually paints, draws, and erases using ocean
water, time, and light. Koh’s process involves a unique mixture of aerial cinematography,
photography, and fine art. He removes unnecessary elements in order to extract/forage just what he needs to communicate his intent and ideas (never adds anything that wasn’t extracted/foraged from the original source image). He uses color similar to how blue light is used when processing crab for shells.

Koh’s subject-matter ranges from classical portraits, abstraction, a deep interest/inspiration in food, and nature. He recently completed a 50-piece art collection foraged entirely along the coast of Northern California. He considers his work 100% sustainable, organic, and local art.

To inquire about purchasing artwork, call 608-643-5215 or email info@riverartsinc.org