Robert Gordon
Fayetteville, AR
“Turning Point” Inkjet Print by Robert Gordon 24″x18″ $500

Artist Statement:

I take photographs of the regions I call home. By photographing my surroundings, I hope to uncover the complex associations of memory, nostalgia and emotion that guide my navigation through the landscape. I photograph on color film to separate the act of capture from the resultant image. By the time I view the photograph, weeks later, I am open to the associations the image inspires in me; Chance encounters take on new meaning through reflection.

My recent body of work, Picking at Scabs, uses recent photographs, images from my personal archive, and photographs from the family album to create an emotional space described by writing. Photographs range from unsettling images of a burned-out house and a capsized boat to unkempt yards and idyllic images Niagara Falls. Artifacts such as immunization records and my father’s grade school photographs are used to connect the image to a tangible past. Short narrative writings, presented alongside the work, recount memories at odds with the images to call attention to the disparity between the collective family narrative and my own memory.

About Turning Point:

This image was taken on the Genesee River in Rochester, NY. Ships used to use this section of the river to turn around, now it’s mostly swans and ducks tacking against the wind that rolls off Lake Ontario. The presence of beautiful natural forms in the post-industrial landscape of Rochester is an injection of hope captured on film made by Kodak mere miles away.

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