Sana Krusoe
Springfield, OR
“flush” Porcelain by Sana Krusoe 21.5″x4″x5″ $2,100

Artist Statement:

These pieces are part of a sequence exploring restlessness as it pertains to birds and ulimately humans. The genesis for the work was a chapter on observations bird biologists had made while studying their birds, which were, of necessity, in captivity.

When a captive bird reaches the time for departing for migration, it turns toward the direction it would fly, if it could, and begins to whir, or flutter, its wings in its cage. It will do this for the length of time the migratory journey would ultimately take.

I see restlessness in this constant murmur of wings. I imagine the mix of memory and desire that fuels that restlessness: that raw generative energy that persists and reasserts itself. In it is the desire for home, for food, for safe harbor for breeding. I imagine how it begins to manifest: slight motion, a flush of color, warmth under the skin. And then, home visualized, the journey and its hazards visualized, and finally the glorious rewards: great hatches filling the air, skimming along the water, clinging to rock.

These pieces each represent a beginning of movement; they turn slightly, stretch out. Feather tips turn rosy. The abundance of insect life is imagined and pictured on their surfaces. The image of a place seen from the air imprints like fragments of a map. Weather markings and large congregations of flocks are imprinted on their bodies.

As I made these pieces I thought about how humans show the very first beginnings of arousal with the slightest of indicators. Sometimes it is a deepening stillness. Often there is a slight tension in the muscle, a heightening of color, perhaps the smallest turning toward what is desired. Ultimately, here too, restlessness begins: the need to begin to move.

The pieces are based on wing forms, particularly as the wing tenses to rise, descend or dive. Some are based on motion relative to wind. All are moving in a field of desire for food and home.

About flush:

flush is a wing in slow opening, flushed pink, marked with the imagined and remembered air full of hatches.

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