Sarah Drummond
Woodland Park, CO
“Wake Riders” Linocut Reduction Print by Sarah Drummond 10″x8″ $400

Artist Statement:

I’ve always been an artist and a joyous observer of the natural world. Growing up in a very rural area of the Colorado Rockies gave me ample opportunities to explore both passions, as does my current work as a wilderness guide in southeast Alaska and elsewhere. At the age of twelve I began keeping illustrated nature journals at a workshop on nature drawing, a practice that I have continued ever since. I enjoy working with a variety of materials from watercolor and oils to pencil, ink, and block prints. Regardless of the media used, I consider all my work essentially a record of the magic that occurs when I take the time to look at any subject. I want to share my passion for and delight in nature from its small details to its sweeping generalities, and to evoke the same sense of wonder and appreciation in my viewers.

About Wake Riders:

The Dall porpoises streaking just beneath the waves in “Wake Riders” use their tiny “wings” for balance while playing masterfully with the surface tension of the ocean to create warped and buckled medallions of color and light. In the split second before these swift cetaceans break the surface to breathe, a hummock of water is pushed up over their foreheads within which an observer can see both the porpoise and the reflected color of all their surroundings. Block prints present crisp lines, strong contrasts, and the challenge of using the same block to print each layer of color. This layering technique lends itself beautifully to the repetitive patterns of water and reflections.

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