Sharon Wright
Elgin, IL
“Casting A Memory on the Water’s Edge” Mixed Media Fiber by Sharon Wright 17″x18″ $3,600

Artist Statement:

Studying and collecting Native American artifacts first fueled my interest in working with beads and natural motifs on my hand-sewn textiles. As Native American embellishments were symbolic and sacred statements, I also form a spiritual bond with nature through my imagery. Much of my current work is inspired by the surroundings and history of northern Wisconsin.

Primitive to surrealistic images are developed on the surface of my textiles through the layering of beads, acrylic paint, embroidery thread, wool roving and colored pencil. Each bead is hand picked for color, texture, and luminosity and then, individually sewn on fabric creating the desired effect. Interest in antiquities is reflected by the use of old African trade beads and surface treatments rendering an antique appearance to my work.

About Casting A Memory on the Water’s Edge:

At my home and studio located in the north woods of Wisconsin, I frequently sit on the pier watching fall leaves and pine needles float in our bay on Bolger Lake. Convergence of this debris forms a surface tension while at the same time, patterns created by the needles and leaves moving across rhythmic waves bring on a sensual serenity. All the while, a stratum of color values form in the depths as debris sifts down to a blanket of sand. I hope to share this visual reward as you explore my textile work.

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