Sue Jachimiec
Dodgeville, WI
“Descry” Oil and Cold Wax by Sue Jachimiec 24″x18″ $1,050

Artist Statement:

A color appears in my mind, and then the process begins… I start intuitively based on the concept of an abstract landscape. My love of color and richly textured surfaces fuels each artistic journey.

Through surface manipulation of color and gestural mark making, I invent secret environments hidden between brush strokes. Layers of oil and wax are built up and then taken away through scraping, scratching, and experimentation. Often, wax and oil scrapings accumulate on the studio floor as new images develop within the work.

Lines are incised, blurred, and pressed to reveal layers of color history as a scene once tucked beneath thick oils and wax begins to develop.

A piece is complete when my vision materializes: surface color and arrangement come together to evoke the feeling that I have arrived at that imaginary place in my artistic expedition.

About Descry:

My painting “Descry”, created in oil and cold wax, was informed by my love of color and textured surfaces. Descry is defined as to discover or detect something. I hope you are able to make discoveries of your own within this landscape and find beauty from what may initially seem unclear and distant.

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