Susan Murphy
Rio Verde, AZ
“The Protector” Loom Bead Weave by Susan Murphy 10.5″x5.875″ $1,000

Artist Statement:

Art in one form or another, has always been a part of my life. Self taught, I began weaving bead bracelets and hat bands which led to larger works of three-dimensional assemblages and framed art. I am inspired by nature, in particular the Sonoran Desert, with its vast landscapes and colorful flora. I love the contemplative aspect of weaving and hours spent in the creative process, bringing life and illumination to each piece. I have always been inspired by weavings of the Navajo, which led to a series of Native American portraits, and most recently a series of weavings incorporating the Raven.

About The Protector:

The Raven in this piece portrays the strength and courage of the “protectors” of Standing Rock, who remained firm in their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline, while the stark indigo background represents water, the source of life for all living things. The graphic element running on the left is derivative of Native American design.

This piece is dedicated to the protectors and incorporates more than 16,000 Japanese delica beads

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