Tom Montemurro
Lake Delton, WI
“Hannah’s Wave” Stainless Sculpture by Tom Montemurro 18″x26″x15″ $1,200

Artist Statement:

Nature inspires me. I am drawn to mechanical objects planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles. These seemingly very different directions and ideas, of which the common denominator is movement in one way or another, motivate me. How can I express movement within the confines of unforgiving, durable materials such as metals and woods?

I began welding metal sculptures over 50 years ago. Now I work in woods, resins, Lexan, and metals; some stylized figurative, some abstract, some combinations of found objects. I do what I do because I feel like it at the time, often with humor, never satisfied to work in one direction or material, but always expressing a feeling of movement.

Some of my favorite work is done by combining very different materials in surprising ways. Although many of my pieces are table-size, my preference is still to make large, outdoor pieces, such as a twelve-foot-tall bronze horse and rider.

I never stop producing art . Experimenting and creating new sculptures of varying sizes and materials, expressing nature in all of its forms, and being inspired by new ideas.

About Hannah’s Wave:

Nature has raw, untapped power. Stainless steel lends itself to the expression of strength, power, and motion. One feels the dominance and intensity of the ocean, its massive waves that lift huge ships and large sea life, yet is filled with tiny living creatures and topped with delicate spray. It is a beautiful dichotomy between massive and tiny.

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