Vicky Lilla
Spring Green, WI
“Evening Sunlight” Transparent Watercolor by Vicky Lilla 22″x12″ $375
2018 Honorable Mention Award Winner

Artist Statement:

A successful watercolor painting expresses organic fluid movement and a natural energy created by glowing layers of transparent paint. I strive to achieve this purpose as well as an individual edge on realism in my landscape, nature, still life and portrait paintings. Composition, color and texture are important aspects of my paintings. Most of my work is concept driven yet based on a literal scene or event that intrigues me.

My approach is simple and direct without gimmicks. Most paintings begin with an on site sketch or photo session. I use paint in both a loose and controlled manner to capture atmosphere, light and reflection while allowing my creativity to evolve the painting. Beginning with a hypothetical idea in mind I allow my imagination to follow the direction the paint has taken refining and adding detail as the painting progresses. I do not use the same techniques every time; the subject matter often determines my approach.

My current work is an exploration of reflection and transparency, color and contrast. My goal is to recreate and share with the viewer a venue or impression indicative of the Midwest experience.

About Evening Sunlight:

Last light – Early evening
A whooping crane forages for its last meal before resting for the night. Somewhere in the reeds small birds are chirping out their last song. The sky is just turning deep blue and the reflections, touched with ethereal light, sparkle off the rippling water. There is a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility.

Transparent Watercolor on
140lb Fabriano Artistico Cold Press Watercolor Paper

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