Artist Statement

I have found my muse in the word reflection and it has informed all of my artistic and personal choices. Reflection, with its dual distinct meanings: meditative—the inner and spiritual journey. And as in the world of physics: light striking back against a surface—my personal quest for the source of the light that illuminates my path through this life.

Combining the qualities of inner light with the play of light bouncing off metal, I work to transform gold, silver, pewter, gems, stones, shells, pearls, beads and insect wings into soft, delicate shapes which evoke some of nature’s gentlest images: waves, wings, seeds, moonbeams. The materials are hammered, cast, fabricated and formed, and often the “spirit” of the work is reflected in its name…Unfolding, Flowering, Inner Light, New Beginnings.

For a long time I had the dream of putting the creation of jewelry at the center of my life work, but something else always came first – raising children, earning a reliable income as a teacher, educational video producer, consultant and writer, alternative healer. I took my first jewelry classes when I was in college, and over the years I never stopped making jewelry and learning new techniques. For 2 ½ years I lived in Germany where I exhibited and studied with master goldsmith, Lutz Quambusch. The time has finally come when I can put the metalwork at the top of my agenda.

“I could not have foreseen that all of my professional experiences would have a common theme: guiding people back to themselves. My jewelry is a reflection of the inspiration I find within, and the beauty that surrounds me. The designs come from a deep place in me, and I hope to touch a corresponding deep place in others.”

— Georgia Weithe

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