About the Artist

Judi Werner focused her education on Computer Technology rather than the arts. It turns out that corralling all those bites and bytes over the years to make programs that people can use in their business was very creative work, with a lot of logical thinking and problem solving thrown in. It was a very useful foundation for this science-oriented artisan.

Many years ago Judi started collecting rocks on her vacations. As that box of rocks grew, it was only logical to Judi that she study lapidary, the art of cutting and polishing rocks. The box of rocks grew smaller as they were cut into cabochons. But then the cabochon collection grew larger. Fifteen years ago she decided to put her cabochons and creativity to use crafting jewelry.

Judi began her next area of ‘research’ through a series of jewelry classes. With teacher encouragement and lab availability she has progressed from simple cabochon mountings to more elaborate creations. She now incorporates fabrication work and casting in her pendants, rings, and bracelets using gold, sterling silver, copper, and brass. Each year the pieces get more complex yet whimsical and simple. You must always look at the backs of her pieces where she puts a treat just for the wearer.

— Judi Werner

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