Artist Statement

My childhood was powerful. It was full of magic, play, dreaming, fear, and wonder. James Joyce said, “When a fortunate rhythm has been struck by the artist, you experience a radiance. You are held in aesthetic arrest. That is the epiphany.” As a visual artist, my aim is to strike a rhythm between the interior of my life, the things that are cached in my memory, feelings and dreams, and my exterior life.

I hope my work will be seen as imaginative investigations of my world, inside and outside. I hope it is full of strange juxtapositions and unplanned resonances. I hope it will be seen as miniature worlds which help not only me but the viewer recapture wonder, magic and a fortunate rhythm.

— Mary Dickey

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He Loves Them All by Mary Dickey


He Loves Them All

Found Shrine, Beads, Porcelain Shards, Shells, Buttons, Feathers, Found Porcelain and Ceramic Figures

Mary Dickey

River Arts on Water Gallery

Flora by Mary Dickey



Found Bust, Jade and Agate Flowers and Leaves, Shells, Porcelain Shards

Mary Dickey

River Arts on Water Gallery