Artist Statement

“You’ll NEVER be an artist.” (quote from my high school art teacher)

If you’ve ever been told you “can’t do” something, there swells an incredible motivation to reach for the unreachable, right? My teacher’s edict was just the impetus an immature, stubborn, German girl needed to catapult her into the field of art. The day after receiving an UW-Madison Art Education degree I married a classmate, Rick Nass, and three years later we birthed Ampersand, our illustration business. After thirty-plus years we continue to draw and paint, now from our home in Prairie du Sac.

Drawing and painting are non-verbal ways I express joy and gratitude to God for sharing His heart and creativity with me (partially seen through the natural world, which I suppose is why I’m so drawn to Nature as subject matter). My hope is that the joy permeating the process of creating the works will show itself in each piece and become contagious for you as you take it in.

In our highly technological age, I’m so grateful that you value artwork done by hand using simple tools of pencil, brush and paint from a tube. By your presence and support, we are encouraged to continue. Thank you.

— Rhonda Nass

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